Exploring product reviews
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What are Product Reviews?

Product reviews are valuable insights from your customers about your products or services. A typical product review consists of a star rating, review title, review content, and sometimes, accompanying photos or videos. You can gather these reviews by sending review requests or allowing visitors to leave reviews directly on your store.

Activating Product Reviews

Product reviews become active automatically when you install Judge.me widgets. They will be displayed at the bottom of each product page, within the Review Widget, and on the All Reviews Page.

Customizing the Review Widget

You have the freedom to tailor the Review Widget to your liking using the settings. If needed, you can also request basic customizations from us.

Managing Product Reviews

In the Reviews dashboard, you can efficiently manage your product reviews. This includes publishing, hiding, or responding to them.

Enhanced Features (Awesome Plan)

Available on the Awesome plan

For those on the Awesome plan, you have access to additional features:

  • Questions & Answers Section: Add a dedicated section for Questions & Answers within the Review Widget.

  • Shop-Level Reviews: Incorporate shop-level reviews on the All Reviews Page.

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