Filtering out spam content
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By default, anyone can leave a review on your product page. This can lead to more reviews, but it also opens the door to spam and potential attacks from competitors.

If you'd rather not restrict who can leave web reviews, you have the option to use our spam filter.

How the spam filter works

To activate the spam filter:

  1. Access your admin panel.

  2. Go to Settings > Review widget > Review curation > Web reviews spam filter.

  3. Toggle ON the spam filter.

Once the spam filter is active, it will employ OOPSpam to identify and weed out spammy reviews or questions submitted through the write-a-review and ask-a-question forms on your product page, as well as from API requests.

For new dashboard

From admin, please navigate to Widgets > Review Widget

Reviewing potential spam content

Any reviews or questions flagged as spam will be relocated to the Spam tab in both the Reviews and Questions dashboards.

If you happen to spot reviews or questions in the Spam tab that aren't actually spam, you can select "Not Spam" to move them back to the main dashboard.

Spam tab in the Reviews dashboard

Spam tab in the Q&A dashboard

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