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Automating review integration with Omnisend
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Omnisend simplifies email marketing, SMS campaigns, and automation, all geared toward boosting your sales with minimal added effort. With our integration, in partnership with, harness the power of automation to synchronize review data and optimize your customer follow-ups.

How it works

When your valuable customers submit reviews on, the integration takes center stage. Omnisend becomes the conduit for transmitting pertinent data, ensuring that the essential components of each review are shared with precision.

Here's what is automatically sent to Omnisend:

  • judge.me_review_body: The actual content of the review.

  • judge.me_review_title: The review's title, providing a quick overview.

  • judge.me_review_rating: The review's rating, enabling you to identify top-performing products.

  • judge.me_review_product_title: The title of the product being reviewed, offering context.

How to set up

Step 1: Configure Omnisend Integration

  • Begin by logging into your Omnisend admin dashboard.

  • Go to the top-right corner and access your account section.

  • Select Store settings.

  • On the left panel, locate and choose API keys.

Creating an API Key:

  • If you haven't generated an API key, click Create API Key.

  • Copy the provided key; you'll need it for the next step.

Step 2: Activate integration with

  • From admin, go to General Settings > Integration > Admin Backend > Email Marketing Integration

  • Under Email Marketing Integration click Omnisend.

  • Paste the API key you copied from your Omnisend account.

  • Confirm by clicking Save settings

For other platforms

  • Head over to your admin dashboard.

  • Proceed to Settings then select Integrations.

  • Under Email Marketing Integration click Omnisend.

  • Paste the API key you copied from your Omnisend account.

  • Confirm by clicking Save settings

Upon successful integration, whenever a customer submits a review on, Omnisend will receive the review data. This data will manifest as custom fields in your Omnisend dashboard, enhancing your insights into customer interactions.

Important points to consider

  • The integration forwards review data to Omnisend for all created reviews, irrespective of their publication status.

  • Note that review data can only be sent if the customer is part of your Omnisend subscriber list.

  • This integration exclusively supports new reviews, contributing to a dynamic view of your customer interactions.

  • Please be aware that reviews imported or created by administrators won't trigger the Omnisend integration.

  • Kindly note that direct review requests cannot be sent via Omnisend. Refer to an article for comprehensive guidance on this aspect.

By following these steps, you're unleashing the power of automated review integration. Connecting and Omnisend enhances your customer engagement strategy. As you dive into this world of integrated insights, you'll be better equipped to tailor your follow-ups and communication with your valued customers.

How to leverage data for segmentation and follow-up with Omnisend

Upon the successful transfer of review data to Omnisend, a realm of possibilities awaits. Leveraging the power of custom fields, you can now finely segment your audience according to their preferences and behaviors. This segmentation paves the way for targeted follow-up strategies through emails and SMS.

Segmenting for enhanced engagement

For instance, imagine you want to target customers who have submitted glowing 5-star reviews:

  • Initiate the process by crafting a segment that captures these enthusiastic reviewers.

  • Once the segment is established, proceed to send them a thoughtfully crafted email or SMS campaigns

Personalized engagement

You can seize this opportunity to express gratitude, offer exclusive coupons, or even showcase complementary products that resonate with their preferences.

Ready to dive into the world of strategic communication? Learn the ins and outs of executing email and SMS campaigns through Omnisend, and watch your customer engagement reach new heights.

If you need help automating review integration with Omnisend, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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