Judge.me x Klaviyo use cases
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1. Send review request emails

Implementing the timing block allows for time delay configuration within Klaviyo.

For cases where extended delays are needed for international orders, akin to the Judge.me setup, the Conditional Split function is a perfect match.

Select the "country" property as the condition, which then bifurcates your users into two distinct segments.

2. Send SMS review requests

The capability to send SMS review requests is available in Klaviyo. Simply integrate the SMS block and customize the content. Presently, Klaviyo SMS is accessible in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Just as with emails, numerous variables can be used to personalize your SMS content.

Remember to include the {{ event.products.0|lookup:"review_rating_url"}} variable, linking to your Judge.me Review Widget. This empowers your customers to readily submit reviews.

3. Send review reminders

To send review reminders, introduce an additional timing block and incorporate an extra email into your Flow. Naturally, each email can house a distinct message to ensure variety.

4. Send review requests upon order delivery

By integrating Klaviyo with Aftership, delivery events can be relayed to Klaviyo. Subsequently, these events can be used to establish delivery-triggered review requests in Klaviyo. Here's how:

  • Set "Eligible for Judge.me Review Request" as the primary trigger.

  • Set up "Received Delivery" from Aftership as the flow filter.

5. Notify admins of new reviews

Judge.me can transmit new review events to Klaviyo. Leveraging these events as triggers, notification can be sent to up to 5 specified email addresses whenever a new review is received in Judge.me.

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