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Creating follow-up emails with Klaviyo
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Available on the Awesome plan

How it works will sent an event to Klaviyo each time a new qualified review or Q&A is submitted.

  • Events will be sent for both published and unpublished reviews.

  • No events will be sent for imported reviews.

  • For an event to be received, the customer must be on your Klaviyo subscriber list.

You can use these events to create user segments or trigger automated actions like:

  • Flows for negative reviews, extending assistance to customers.

  • Flows for positive reviews, featuring upcoming sales and exclusive offers.

List of events we send to Klaviyo


What it means



each new review

  • Judgeme_CF

  • product_handle

  • product_title

  • published

  • rating

  • review_body

  • review_title

  • verified_buyer

  • has_pictures

  • has_videos


each new positive review


each new negative review


each new question

  • product_handle

  • product_title

  • question_content


each new answer coming from community questions

  • answer_content

  • product_handle

  • product_title

  • question_content

Example event:

How to set up the integration

Step 1: Create Klaviyo API key

  • From your Klaviyo admin, go to Settings > API Keys.

  • Click Create Private API Key and name your key "".

  • Select Grant applications full access for every API scope.

  • Click Create.

Step 2. Allow Review events to be sent to Klaviyo

  • From admin, go to General Settings > Integrations > Email Marketing

  • Select Klaviyo.

  • Copy and paste in the API key you just created.

  • Click Check.

  • Enable Send review events to Klaviyo.

  • Set your threshold for positive reviews.

  • Click Save.

For other platforms

  • From your admin, go to Settings > Integrations > Admin Backend > Email Marketing Integration.

  • Select Klaviyo.

  • Paste in the API key you created in Step 1 and click Check.

  • Enable Send review events to Klaviyo.

  • Set your threshold for positive reviews. For example, selecting "at least 4 stars" triggers:

    • a SubmittedReviewPositive event for 4 and 5-star reviews

    • a SubmittedReviewNegative event for 1, 2, and 3-star reviews.

  • Click Save.

Step 3: Add a test review

  • Leave a web review on a product page. Please use your email address so you can remove the review later.

  • After the review is left, you'll see our event in Analytics > Metrics.

Step 4: Create the flow in Klaviyo

  • From your Klaviyo admin, go to Flows and create a new flow.

  • Select Metrics then select any of our Review events as the trigger.

  • Set filters if needed, and click Done.

  • Set up the remainder of the flow and activate it.

Customize the email template

You can use the following variables to customize your email template:

Event variables


Where to use

{{ event.product_handle }}

product handle

text block

{{ event.product_title }}

product title

text block

{{ event.published }}

whether the review is published or hidden

text block

{{ event.rating }}

the review rating (1-5)

text block

{{ event.review_body }}

body of the review

text block

{{ event.review_title }}

title of the review

text block

{{ event.verified_buyer }}

whether the customer is a verified buyer

text block

{{ event.has_pictures }}

whether the review has a picture

text block

{{ event.has_videos }}

whether the review has a video

text block

If you need help creating follow-up emails with Klaviyo, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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