Importing reviews using template
Updated over a week ago offers an easy import process, allowing you to bring in reviews from various review apps without having to change the CSV file. You can also import reviews from AliExpress.

If you have reviews from an unsupported source, you can still import them into by following our CSV template.

Step 1: Create the CSV file

Tip: Google Sheets is free, works well on most devices, and automatically saves the file as CSV without introducing unsupported characters.

Step 2: Add reviews

In the CSV file, each column serves a specific purpose:



title of the review



body of the review (up to 5000 characters)

  • If the body is empty, we will use the review title instead. The title of this review will then be left blank.

  • If both the title and body are empty, the import will fail.



the review rating (1-5)



the date the review was created (dd/mm/yyyy).

  • If the date is empty, the review will have the current date.



name of the reviewer. If empty, "Anonymous" will be used.



email of the reviewer



You just need to fill in either the product_id or product_handle.

If both are empty, the reviews will be imported as store reviews.

Advanced columns

Besides the basic columns above, you can also add more information to your reviews by adding these advanced columns to your CSV file.



the public reply to the review



URLs of the images in the review.

  • Supported .png, .jpg, .If there is more than one picture, please separate the URLs by a comma (https://picture1, https://picture2).

  • We accept up to 5 pictures per review. If there are more than 5 URLs, we will only take the first 5.



the IP address of the review (e.g.

We automatically calculate the location (city, country, country code) based on this IP address.

CFYour Question


Answers to each custom question will need to be in a separate column like below.

We can only import these answers as text.

Step 3: Upload the file to

  • Once you've added the reviews, download the sheet by going to File > Download > Comma Separated Value (.csv).

  • From your admin, go to Import & Export > Import reviews > From Template (Advanced).

  • Upload the CSV file and click Import reviews.

For new dashboard

  • From your admin, go to Manage Reviews > Import & Export.

  • In Import reviews from a CSV file, select

  • Upload the CSV file and click Import.

Step 4: Check the results

We will process the file in the background. You will receive an email with details about the import results, including:

  • the number of successful imports,

  • the number of failed imports,

  • and the reasons for any failures.

You will see the successfully imported reviews in your Reviews dashboard within a few minutes.

If you encounter any issues or need to handle duplicated imported reviews or deletions, reach out to us at [email protected]. We're here to assist you!

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