Fixing rich snippet error and warnings
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Missing field “itemReviewed”



The theme is using microdata but the Review Widget is installed outside of the itemscope.

<div itemscope itemtype="">

Add this custom code to the product scope of microdata.

{%- assign review_count = product.metafields.judgeme.badge | split: "data-number-of-reviews='" | last | split: "'" |first | plus: 0 -%}
{%- assign review_value = product.metafields.judgeme.badge | split: "data-average-rating='" | last | split: "'" |first | plus: 0 -%}
{% if review_count > 0 %}
<div itemprop="aggregateRating" itemscope itemtype="">
<meta itemprop="ratingValue" content="{{ review_value }}"/>
<meta itemprop="ratingCount" content="{{ review_count }}"/>
{% endif %}

The theme is not using any Product Microdata Itemscope but Microdata is enabled in our setting.

Disable the microdata snippet in our setting.


Missing field “aggregateRating”



JSON-LD is enabled but is not integrated into the theme's snippet yet.

  • Find the Product JSON-LD script of the theme. This may be placed in any of the product templates, layout/theme.liquid file, or files with these keywords: "microdata", "structure", "json", "data", "variables", "tags", "meta-tag", "scheme", "schema", "breadcrumbs",...

  • Then add this in under "@type": "Product",

"@id": {{ canonical_url | append: '#product' | json }},

JSON-LD is disabled (unlikely, unless the store turns it off themselves).

Turn the JSON-LD setting back on.

Missing field “review”

Available on the Awesome plan.

Go to Marketing and Social > Google and SEO > SEO Rich Snippets and select Push average rating, number of reviews and reviews content of each product.

If you need help fixing rich snippet error and warnings, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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