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Retrieving cached widgets from the cache server
Retrieving cached widgets from the cache server
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If you wish to access the cached versions of your widgets efficiently, you can make requests to our cache server. This method not only speeds up the process compared to using the API but also allows you to load multiple widgets in a single request. To initiate a request to the cache server, utilize the following endpoint:



  • public_token: Your public API token

  • preview_badge_product_ids: Replace ? with comma-separated product IDs for the Star Ratings widget.

  • review_widget_product_ids: Replace ? with comma-separated product IDs for the Review Widget.

  • reviews_tab: Set to 1.

  • featured_carousel: Set to 1.

  • all_reviews_page: Set to 1.

  • verified_badge: Set to 1.

  • all_reviews_rating: Set to 1.

  • all_reviews_count: Set to 1.


  • Include only the necessary widgets by replacing ? with the respective product IDs.

  • For the Reviews Tab and Featured Carousel widgets, it's important to fetch all review ratings and counts; however, this isn't required for other widgets.

  • Ensure you include your public API token in the parameters. You can find this token in Settings > Integrations > Developers > API.

For new dashboard

From admin, go to General Settings > Integrations > Developers > API.

Additionally, follow these steps to complete the process:

  1. Include the product IDs for the Star Ratings and Review Widget.

  2. Enable the "Platform-independent Review Widgets" setting to display widgets on non-Shopify HTML pages. You can do this by going to Settings > Integrations > Developers > Platform-independent Review Widgets and toggling the switch.

Finally, customize the widgets for our cache server and add the appropriate scripts. Detailed instructions can be found in our help desk article.

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