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This guide shows you how to integrate and use our API to enhance your experience with

API documentation

You can access our API documentation following the OpenAPI specification at This documentation is presented in YAML format, and you can find the original YAML file here.

Server endpoint

The primary server endpoint for our API is

API endpoint example

For instance, to access widget information for product reviews, you can use this endpoint:

Accessing credentials

To use our API, you'll need two essential credentials:

  • shop_domain: This identifier can be retrieved from your account settings under "Integrations" > "Developers" > " API."

  • api_token: There are two types of api_tokens:

    • Private Token: This token grants read/write access to your data and should be exclusively used on the server-side for enhanced security.

    • Public Token: The public token is suitable for making GET requests to our widget API. It's designed for use in public JavaScript environments.

For other platforms

If you need help using our API, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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