Adding widgets in GemPages
Updated over a week ago

GemPages, a user-friendly page builder that enables easy drag-and-drop customization of your pages, now integrates with, allowing you to incorporate our widgets into your pages.

To add widgets in GemPages:

  • Go to the desired Gempages page where you wish to display widgets.

  • At the bottom of the left menu, click on "Add Elements"

  • Search for "" and select both available elements: Reviews (includes the Star Ratings and Review Widget) and (Carousel) (includes the Review carousel, Verified Reviews Counter, Reviews Page, and All Reviews Counter).

  • Add the selected element to the page and then choose the specific widget you want to use.

  • Finally, click Save (or Preview, then Publish) to apply the changes.

With this integration, you can now enhance your GemPages with powerful widgets in just a few clicks. Enjoy showcasing customer reviews and engaging content!

If you need help adding widgets in GemPages, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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