Simplifying automation workflows with Make
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Make simplifies the process of connecting with over 1000 popular apps, all without the need for coding. You can even harness Make's no-code toolkit, which includes the versatile HTTP app for integration with any app or service that has an API.

How to set up Make integration

Step 1: Create your Make account

Begin by creating your account on Make.

Step 2: Create a new scenario in your organization

  • Within your Organization, initiate a new scenario.

  • Search for and select

  • Opt for the Watch Reviews trigger.

Step 3: Configure your connection

  • Click to add a new webhook.

  • Then, create a new connection.

  • Enter your API Token and Shop Domain. You can locate the API (private) token in settings under Integrations > Automatic Integrations > Workflow Automation. Don't forget to save your settings.

  • Click OK to finalize adding the Watch Reviews module.

Step 4: Connect other apps to

You can add more modules to connect other apps to

Each app may have different steps, so consult the app's helpdesk articles for detailed instructions. After configuration, run a test and then activate the scenario.

Explore ready-made automation workflow templates

Make offers a variety of pre-designed automation workflows for your inspiration. Click here to discover more about each template.

Advanced trigger: making API calls

The "Make an API Call" module empowers you to send customized requests to via our API. You can create and execute any request from our API using this module.

If you need help simplifying automation workflows with Make, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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