Getting Slack notifications for new reviews
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Stay updated with new reviews by connecting to your Slack workspace. Here's how:

  • From admin, go to General Settings > Integrations > Workflow automation > Slack > Connect.

  • Click Add to Slack and follow the setup steps.

For other platforms

  1. Access the admin dashboard.

  2. Go to Settings > Integrations > Admin Backend > Slack integration.

  3. Click Add to Slack and follow the setup steps.

You'll receive notifications containing the review's:

  • Rating

  • Reviewer name

  • Product title

  • Review title

  • Review body

Additionally, you'll know if the review is published or hidden, based on your review moderation settings. Plus, there's a convenient link for quick review moderation.

The notification appearance varies:

  • Positive reviews (4 or 5 stars)

  • Negative reviews (1, 2, or 3 stars)

Please note that Slack notifications won't trigger for imported reviews or reviews created by admins.

If you need help getting Slack notifications for new reviews, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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