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Showcasing reviews in email campaigns with AVADA
Showcasing reviews in email campaigns with AVADA
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AVADA makes it easy for you to showcase reviews and average ratings in your email campaigns as a powerful form of social proof. Here's a simple guide to enable this integration and add reviews using Testimonial blocks:

Available on the Awesome plan

1. Enabling the integration

Step 1: Start by opening the integration page within AVADA

  • Go to your AVADA App Dashboard.

  • Click on your account.

  • Select Integration.

Step 2: Choose the "" integration

Choose the "" integration from the options available.

Step 3: Access the tokens in

From admin, go to General Settings > Integrations > Developers > API

For other platforms

  • In your admin, go to Settings.

  • Under Integrations, click on Developers.

  • Click Show under 2 tokens to get the required codes.

  • Paste these codes into AVADA as instructed and save to complete the integration.

2. Adding reviews with testimonial blocks

Step 1: Create automation emails or newsletter campaigns

  • For Automation: Go to App Dashboard > Automation > New workflow.

  • For Newsletter Campaigns: Go to App Dashboard > Campaigns > New campaign.

  • If you need to edit an existing automation or campaign, simply open the email editor.

Step 2: Add testimonial blocks to your email

  • In the left panel of your editor, select CONTENT.

  • Drag and drop either TESTIMONIAL 1 or TESTIMONIAL 2 into your email.

Step 3: Retrieve reviews from and customize block content.


  • In the right panel, click on the first icon in your Review list to access reviews.

  • A pop-up will appear, allowing you to choose from a list of reviews. Please note that AVADA retrieves 5-star reviews from

  • After selecting the reviews, you can edit the review details, including the icon image, link, footer text, and more. You can also add additional reviews.


  • After adding the block, click Load from to fetch the correct average rating and review count from

  • Then, click on the first icon in your Review list to access reviews, similar to TESTIMONIAL 1.

  • Once the reviews load, you can customize the review information and add more reviews as needed.

By following these steps, you can integrate reviews into your email campaigns using AVADA's user-friendly interface. This enhances your email marketing strategy with the power of social proof.

If you need help showcasing reviews in email campaigns with AVADA, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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