Accessing data for your app
Updated over a week ago uses OAuth to help App Developers access its API, allowing Apps to get stores data from It lets stores give certain Apps permission to access their data on

This guide shows a simple example of how the OAuth process works for Stores, focusing on their part of the interaction.


For app developers seeking to establish the OAuth flow within, refer to this linked article.

Scenario: Store A and app B interaction

Picture this: store A uses, a platform storing its data. Now, store A wants to use a cool feature in App B that needs access to its data.

This might mean showing reviews in App B's widgets. To make it happen, store A just needs to give App B permission to use its data.

OAuth authorization process for store A

  • Access Request: App B has a dedicated section on its website with a button. Store A uses this button to give App B permission to access its data.

  • Starting Authorization: Store A clicks this button on App B's website to begin the authorization process.

  • Redirect to Page: Store A is then sent to's authorization page through a special web link. This link contains specific details, such as App B's ID, where to send the response, what permissions are needed, and a unique identifier. Here's how the link looks:[appB_client_id]&redirect_uri=[appB_redirect_uri]&response_type=code&scope=[list_of_permissions]&state=[state]

  • Login (if required): If store A isn't logged in, they'll be asked to log in to confirm their identity.

  • Permission Granting: After logging in, will show a screen asking store A for permission to let App B use their data.

  • Reviewing Permissions: Store A checks the permissions App B is asking for. To say yes, they click "Authorize." To say no, they click "Cancel."

  • Access Authorization: Clicking "Authorize" lets grant App B permission to access Store A's reviews.

  • Back to App B: Store A returns to App B's platform, ready to use the data.

By following these steps, store A allows App B to smoothly access data, improving the integration within App B's features.

If you need help accessing data for your app, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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