Integration Partner FAQs
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Navigating the integration process with is made easy with our comprehensive FAQ guide.

Whether you're a new partner looking to integrate your app or a seasoned developer seeking technical assistance, this guide offers answers to common questions and provides essential insights for partnership experience.

From accessing app features to co-marketing opportunities and technical support, we've got you covered. Let's dive in and explore how can enhance your integration journey.

1. How can I access all features of the app?

If you install on your development store and upgrade to our Awesome plan, you'll gain access to all our features.

  • For Shopify app providers: Create a Shopify development store and upgrade to our Awesome plan for free.

  • For WooCommerce or BigCommerce users: All stores are automatically on the Awesome plan for free.

Learn More About the Awesome Plan

2. Where can users find and enable my app in your settings?

  • Once the integration is complete, we'll add you to our Integrations tab under Settings. From there, users can be directed to your app listing for installation.

  • We can also feature your app on our website's integration list, knowledge base, blog, and newsletter.

3. What co-marketing activities can we engage in after integration?

To promote the integrations to more users, we can collaborate on co-marketing activities. Here are some options from

  • Craft knowledge base articles to guide users through integration usage.

  • Showcase the integration on the website's integration listing and within the app integration settings.

  • Draft a brief blog post to announce the integration, with backlinks to the partner’s app listings or relevant pages.

  • Allow the partner to contribute a guest blog post (see our detailed guidelines for guest blogs).

  • Highlight the integration in the upcoming newsletter and social media posts.

  • Extend a free trial campaign to the partner.

These co-marketing activities can be tailored based on the partner's available channels.

4. How can I get technical assistance during integration?

Before reaching out, please consult the integration guideline for your app to initiate the integration process. If you have queries, send an email to [email protected]. Our integration team member will respond to your inquiries or promptly escalate to a developer if needed.

5. Is an NDA required for the integration partnership?

Typically, an NDA is not necessary since integrations do not expose critical information from either party.

6. Does support OAuth?

Yes, employs OAuth to provide App Developers access to the API. For setting up the OAuth flow in, refer to this article.

7. How can I retrieve the average rating of a product using the Reviews API?

To get the average rating for all your products, you can send a request to the following endpoint.

Unfortunately, our API lacks an endpoint for retrieving the average rating of a specific product. However, you can request the Star Ratings from our cache server, which will return the average rating within the HTML. Instructions are available here.

Below is an example of a cache server request you can reference.

The required parameters for the request are outlined in the API documentation, with typical essentials being the api_token (available here) and shop_domain.

If you need help with integration process with, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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