1. All reviews page

Create a new page, eg: http://www.your-shop.com/reviews and put in this shortcode:


2. Featured Reviews Carousel

Insert this shortcode anywhere on your pages:

[jgm-featured-carousel title='Let customers speak for us' all-reviews-page='#']

You can customize the title field and put the link of the all reviews page created above to the all-reviews-page field.

Note: You will need to feature at least 1 review (recommended: 3) to show the carousel.

For more information about the featured carousel, please read here: http://help.judge.me/knowledge_base/topics/review-carousel

Extra Customization

For the styling customization as instructed in the above article, you can put the css code in your theme's css file. Usually you can edit the file by go to Wordpress Dashboard > Appearance > Editor and edit the Stylesheet file (style.css) and put the code at the end of that file.

Note: Depends on your wordpress hosting's setting, you may not be able to edit the file in the Wordpress Editor but have to edit the theme file manually using FTP.

For the script customization (Disabling Auto-slide and Changing auto-sliding time), put the code in the "footer.php" file right before the </body> tag.

3. Reviews tab

We suggest to put this shortcode in a text widget in footer so that it can be show in every pages.

The shortcode is:

[jgm-reviews-tab button='★ Judge.me Reviews' title='Let customers speak for us']

For more information about the reviews tab, please read here: http://help.judge.me/knowledge_base/topics/reviews-tab

4. Verified Reviews Count Badge

You can put this shortcode in anywhere in your theme to show the count of verified reviews:


For more information about the verified reviews count badge, please read here: http://help.judge.me/knowledge_base/topics/verified-reviews-count-badge