All visitor/buyer-facing text in can be customized to match your shop's tone and language.

1-click translation (free feature)

You can update your shop's language inside the app admin: Review Request > Timing and Format > Language Info. If you change your language setting, all visitor/buyer-facing text, e.g. in the Review Widget or in review request emails, will be automatically translated for you with our default translations. This will also help you to always have new features translated already by default.

Text you have customized yourself (see below) will always take precedence and overwrite the default translations. Text customization is an Awesome feature (paid plan for $15/month).

Please reach out to if you want to help updating the default translations.

Localization / Customization

Review Widget

All text for the Review Widget can be changed in the app admin: More > Settings > Review Widget > Widget Design.

Additionally you can customize:

If you choose to show a "fuzzy timestamp" (time ago in words) which will show the timestamp like Yesterday or 2 weeks ago, you can also customize the additional wording used. Please note: 1) The variable {{ n }} will always stand for the respective number of days, weeks etc. 2) You may introduce a / (slash) to separate the singular (=1) from the plural (>1) form, for example: {{ n }} week/weeks ago will show as 1 week ago or 2 weeks ago. 3) You can use the underscore symbol _ to connect words before and after the /, for example : {{ n }} duration/time_period ago will show 1 duration ago or 2 time period ago.

Review Request Emails

All Review Request email templates are customized in the app admin: More > Settings > Review Requests > Email Templates.

Other Widgets

Other Emails

Additional Features

Facebook Social Push

Customize the Push Template in app admin: More > Settings > Other Emails > Review Verification Template

Review Request via Web Push (PushOwl integration)

Customize the Push Template in app admin: More > Settings > PushOwl > Push Template


Question & Answers

Custom Forms

Custom Forms can be created and managed in the app admin: More > Settings > Custom Forms