Shop level reviews are automatically activated if an All Reviews page is set up already. They follow the same curation process as product reviews.

Shop level reviews can help to show customer satisfaction in your general company performance such as customer support, delivery, or website user experience. Shop level reviews will include the questions from your custom forms (if enabled).

Shop level reviews are created by clicking the Write a review button on the All Reviews page.

See both review types

A histogram will show all published reviews (product reviews and shop reviews). If both types of reviews are available, an additional tab will allow visitors to switch between product reviews and shop reviews.

Importing shop level reviews

Shop level reviews can be imported by leaving both, the product handle and product ID field empty when importing your reviews.

Further notes

  • Shop level reviews can be found in your Reviews dashboard by searching for the term shop reviews
  • Shop level reviews cannot be a part of [product groups].(
  • Shop level reviews currently do not show as seller ratings; however you can already show product ratings in Google Shopping.