This article explains how to show your shop reviews as a review snippet (rich result) in Google organic search by using Organization markup. For marking-up your product pages with Product > AggregateRating markup, please see our other help desk article.

JSON-LD script

Adding the following script to your liquid file will add JSON-LD markup to the respective pages that are using this liquid file. The markup will provide the amount of shop reviews and the aggregated rating of shop reviews.

If Google enables showing this rich snippet for your page, it will show a graphical star rating, the aggregated rating, and the number of reviews/ratings (example: ★★★★★ Rating: 4.8 - ‎12 reviews).

Script code

<script type="application/ld+json"> {
    "@type":"Organization", "name":    
    "{{ }}",    
    "url": "{{ shop.url | append: page.url }}",    
          "ratingValue":"{{ shop.metafields.judgeme.shop_reviews_rating }}",
          "reviewCount":"{{ shop.metafields.judgeme.shop_reviews_count }}"
    "logo":"{{ shop.logo }}"

Please position this script file on the bottom of your liquid file (best practice).

Structured data markup should only be added for pages where the content is shown to the page visitor as well. Therefore we are recommending to also add out All Reviews Text.

Please consults Google's Structured Data General Guidelines for further guidance on marking up your website.