If you have multiple shops (usually to support different languages), Cross-Shop Review Syndication (Shop Group) is an awesome way to share reviews among your shops.

How do Shop Groups work?

Products in different shops are matched based on SKUs only, so their SKUs have to be identical. If your product has variants, you can arrange the variants in any order but their SKUs have to be identical. Also if your products have variants then the two stores have to have the same variants. We define a product SKU by adding all the variants' SKUs together.

With Shop Group, the same reviews can display in different shops, but under the hood, your reviews are contained in each shop separately. So reviews across shops won't tangle together and you will have an easier time managing your reviews in your reviews dashboard.

How to use Shop Groups?

  1. First, make sure your products in your shops have the same SKUs in Shopify Product Admin
  2. Go to our App Settings > Products > Cross-Shop Review Syndication
  3. Click the Create New Shop Group button to create a new Shop Group. After creating a Shop Group, you can see the group's token. Please copy that token.
  4. Logout of your current shop (or use a different browser) and login to another shop that you want to group. Then go to our App Settings > Products > Cross-Shop Review Syndication again
  5. Click Join a Shop Group and paste in the token.
  6. Confirm and your two shops are grouped together. Depending on how many products your shops have, it may take a while to update all your products of your shops.

If you want to leave the current group, you just need to click the Leave Group button and confirm.


  • Shop Group and Product Group are both advanced features. They work well together but the combined logic can get complicated if your groups don't match across stores / synced products. Please ensure that you have Product Groups that are identical among your shops. If you can't make identical Product Groups, the Product Groups will update as expected for the shop they are defined in but the synced products in the other shops won't update the same way (unless you create the identical product group for those synced products in the other shop as well).
  • Autopublish setting of each shop is applied independently. So if you have a review that isn't curated yet, it will display in the shop with autopublish ON but not in the shop with autopublish OFF.
  • Reviews are also shared in All Reviews page and Reviews Tab. To prevent URLs from not being found, the reviews will link to their original shop's product.
  • Cross-Shop Review Syndication (Shop Group) works for both, Shopify and WooCommerce. It is currently not enabled for BigCommerce.