*Note: This article is outdated. Please check the updated version on our new helpdesk at support.judge.me. We no longer maintain this so the info may not always be accurate.




We store HTML and CSS for our Widget 2.0 directly in Shopify metafields in order to provide the fastest review widget possible.

Basic plan

All users are able to manage customer reviews in the Reviews dashboard.

Review curation

By default, new reviews will automatically be published (auto-publish) but you can curate them later by selecting hide. Alternatively, you can turn off auto-publish to curate all reviews by selecting publish or hide. Published reviews will show in your shop.

Conditional autopublish allows you to set a minimum rating for reviews to be automatically published.

By default, everybody visiting your product pages will be able to leave a review. However, you can restrict this option by selecting 'Only verified buyers coming from our review requests'.

You can manage these settings in your app admin: More > Settings > Review Widget > Review Curation

All new reviews will show in the Reviews to Curate tab in the Reviews overview waiting for curation - independent from your shop's auto-publish settings.

Edit reviews

You can edit existing reviews to fix typos or small inaccuracies. In the case of an edit, your customer will receive an email where she may decline the change.

In order to edit reviews, go to your Reviews dashboard to see all reviews, in the 'More' column you click the 'triple bar' for the respective review, and select 'Edit review'.

You can now change Name, Rating, Review Title, Review Body (Leaving a field blank will leave the field unchanged.) Make sure to enter text in the Reason for edit section so it is clear for everyone (including us) why the change happened. After clicking Submit, your customer will receive an email where the edit can be disapproved.

Currently, users cannot update the review themselves.

Reply to reviews

You can reply to reviews from your Reviews dashboard by clicking Reply. You can choose between

  • Public reply (widget) - the reply will show in the widget, also a notification will be sent to the user
  • Private reply (email) - an email will be sent to the customer

You can change how your shop's name appears by going to More > Settings > Review Widget > Widget Design > Reviewer Name and Reply

Disable web reviews

By default, your shop will collect web reviews. You can change the settings for web reviews in your Judge.me app admin: More > Settings > Review Widget > Review Curation > 'Disable web reviews / hide empty widget'.

Disabling web reviews will also hide empty review widgets from product pages.

Awesome plan

Awesome users can additionally activate the following widget functionalities:

  • Review Pictures (default: off)
  • Custom Forms
  • Adjust default sorting (default: Most Recent)
  • Social Share (default: off)
  • Upvotes for the 'helpful' functionality (default: off)
  • Reviewer Location (default: off)