Our Questions and Answers feature enables you to build an FAQ over time by allowing visitors to ask questions directly and answer them publicly. This will give critical information to your user that can make the difference between a visitor converting or bouncing. Additionally Q&A content can help you to rank for long-tail keywords (SEO).

Example from GunGoddess.com

Questions and answers are part of the review widget on product pages as Questions.

You can manage your questions in the questions section (3rd button from the left in the top control bar). You can hide/publish questions and provide an answer by replying. You can optionally notify the visitor who asked the question via email. The notification email can be customized in your app admin

Show the Q&A widget for products with no reviews if only accept reviews from Verified buyers.

When the option to only accept reviews from verified buyers is activated we hide the widget, even if Q&A is activated.

If you still want to show the Q&A part and still only accept reviews from verified buyers this is what you need to do:

1) First deactivated the setting only accept reviews from verified buyers.

2) Then add the next css in any of you css.liquid or scss.liquid theme files.

.jdgm-write-rev-link {
  display: none !important;

.jdgm-rev-widg[data-number-of-reviews='0'] .jdgm-rev-widg__summary-stars, .jdgm-rev-widg[data-number-of-reviews='0'] .jdgm-rev-widg__summary-text {
  display: none !important;

This will hide the Write a review link and also hide the empty stars .

3) If yiou also want to change the title for review widget with no reviews to something else, lets say Please ask a question then apply this css as well:

.jdgm-rev-widg[data-number-of-reviews='0'] .jdgm-rev-widg__title::after {
  content: 'Please ask a question';
  color: black;

.jdgm-rev-widg[data-number-of-reviews='0'] .jdgm-rev-widg__title{ 
  color: transparent;