Judge.me integrates with PushOwl to send review requests via push notifications - additionally to email. If you are using PushOwl and Judge.me, you can enable the integration in your integrations tab.

You need have PushOwl installed in your store to ensure that the integration works. If you don't have it already, please go to https://apps.shopify.com/pushowl to install the app for free.

Push template

You can modify the Push title and the Push message. The shortened URL will be your Store's URL.

By default, your Push title will be "Please leave a review!" and your Push message will be "Can you review {{ producttitle }} from {{ shopname }}?".

Example web push notification

Push status

You can find the sending status of your push notification in the column Push Status in the Requests dashboard.

Best practices

Please read PushOwl's 'Best Practices for Push Notification Length' to optimize your Push Template for Review Requests. We recommend using a short title (ca. 25 characters) & message (ca. 30 characters).

iOS doesn't support web push yet. You can find detailed information about supported browsers and support platforms in PushOwl's docs.

User flow for your customer

Your website visitors will need to accept push notifications in their browser

Your buyers will receive a review request based on your Request Timing settings

Clicking the web push notification will bring your buyers to the review widget on the product page with their information pre-filled