*Note: This article is outdated. Please check the updated version on our new helpdesk at support.judge.me. We no longer maintain this so the info may not always be accurate.



The Klaviyo integration allows you to send events from Judge.me to Klaviyo. When enabled, we will send the following events:

  • SubmittedReviewPositive - each qualified new review
  • SubmittedReviewNegative - each qualified new review
  • SubmittedReview - each review
  • SubmittedQuestion - each question
  • SubmittedAnswer - each answer coming from community questions

You have to enter the Klaviyo Private API key into the field API key in your Email Marketing Integration settings box.

An event will be pushed for any review created (not depend on publishing/curating). An event can only be received if the customer is already in your Klaviyo subscriber list.

How to find the Klaviyo API key?

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to your Account inside the Klaviyo app
  2. Account > Settings > API Keys
  3. Click Create API Key »
  4. You will receive your Private API Key (for example: pk_afcf5328f9025ae51d4..................)

Klaviyo's help desk: Manage Your Account's API Keys

Judge.me Event in Klaviyo

The events above will show in your subscriber profiles in Klaviyo.