When you change your theme, you need to do 2 things to keep Judge.me working:

  • install our JS files
  • install our widgets according to your installation preferences

When publishing a new theme, Judge.me automatically re-installs our JS files and also emails you to offer free theme concierge service to re-implement your installation preferences (from Installation tab in app settings).

That said, if you want Judge.me to work in your unpublished themes, you can already do some of the work manually, so you can publish your new theme with the confidence that Judge.me keeps working.

Installing the Judge.me JS files

  • First, you'll need to create a new snippet file called judgeme_core.liquid with the following content:
{{ shop.metafields.judgeme.settings }}
{% for count in (0..5) %}
  {% assign metafield_key = 'html_miracle_' | append: count %}
  {% assign current_metafield = shop.metafields.judgeme[metafield_key] %}
  {% unless current_metafield %} {% break %} {% endunless %}
  {{ current_metafield }}
{% endfor %}

<script data-cfasync="false" type="text/javascript" async src="https://cdn.judge.me/shopify_v2.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="https://cdn.judge.me/shopify_v2.css">

  • Then, include our judgeme_core snippet right before the closing head tag in your layouts/theme.liquid file. So you should see the following in your layouts/theme.liquid file:
{% include 'judgeme_core' %}

Installing the Judge.me widgets according to your installation preferences

For live theme:

In the Installation tab of our app Settings, you can store your installation preferences:

When you publish a new theme, we automatically detect this and send you an email with a link to request free theme concierge service, where we will apply your installation preferences for you.

For unpublished theme:

Please contact support@judge.me and give us theme access, or you can do the following steps yourself:

  • Review Widget: Add the following code in your product.liquid template:
<div id='judgeme_product_reviews' class='jdgm-widget jdgm-review-widget' data-product-title='{{ product.title }}' data-id='{{ product.id }}'> {{ product.metafields.judgeme.widget }}</div>

  • Preview Badge: in your collection.liquid template (or a product thumbnail snippet referenced in this template), and in your product.liquid template (below the product title), add the following code:
<div class='jdgm-widget jdgm-preview-badge' data-id='{{ product.id }}'>{{ product.metafields.judgeme.badge }}</div>