*Note: This article is outdated. Please check the updated version on our new helpdesk at support.judge.me. We no longer maintain this so the info may not always be accurate.



Installing Judge.me is a very simple process, and each step is detailed in this guide.

As you will see below, in just a few clicks you can install Judge.me and complete the onboarding, including importing reviews and asking our free theme concierge service to install the widgets according to your preferences. (We also remove your former review app's theme code, if needed.)

Installing the Judge.me app in your Shopify store

First, log in to your Shopify store at www.shopify.com/login. Fill in your email and password as follows:

Click Log in to log in.

After logging in to your store, go to our app landing page at apps.shopify.com/judgeme. This is how our app landing page looks like:

Click on the green Get button to start installing our app. You will see the following permission screen:

If you're wondering why we need all these permissions: To send review requests we need to get notified of your orders and your customer info, so we can send emails to your buyers about what they purchased. The theme permissions are so we can do the theme work for you (we will cover this later) and we also add some convenient shortcuts to your Shopify admin screens.

After reviewing the permissions, click on the blue Install app button to install our app. This is the welcome screen you will see (you are now inside the Judge.me app):

Click Get Started to start the onboarding process. You will now see this screen about importing reviews:

If you don't want to import reviews (yet), click I have no reviews to import or I will do this later and skip the next screenshot of this guide.

If you do want to import reviews, click Import Reviews Now. This will open our import page in a new tab in your browser:

If you have the reviews CSV from your previous review app ready, the import page should be self-explanatory. If you need more guidance, our helpdesk article on importing reviews explains how to export the reviews CSV from your previous review app, as well as how to prepare a Direct CSV import if you have reviews to import from another source.

After you're done importing reviews, close the tab that was opened for importing reviews to go back to the onboarding, which is now opened at the next step:

Please go over the options as to where we can install the review widget and preview badges for you. Select your preferences and click Get Free Theme Help to do a theme concierge request. (Click Skip if you don't want us to do theme work.)

If you requested theme concierge service, this is the email you will receive:

Our support received a copy of this email as well, and will do the work as soon as possible and then reply to you to confirm it's done. You can just sit back and relax :)

Back in our onboarding flow, our app will now ask whether to autopublish your reviews:

Simply select your preference and click Save. The next screen will show our email templates:

For each email template, you can click on Send Example Email to receive an example email or click Edit Settings to open the email template editor (in a new browser tab) to customize the email template.

Click on the template of your choice to select it. Then click Next to go to the last onboarding step:

This screen simply links to our Upgrade to Awesome page to upgrade your Judge.me account and links to our Settings Page if you want to check out more settings before upgrading (or if you want to remain on the Free Forever plan).

Here's how the Upgrade to Awesome page looks like:

Here's how the app settings look like:

Congratulations, you're now fully onboarded!

We highly recommend you browse through all our app settings to see what our app can do. An overview is also provided at judge.me/pricing.

If you have any questions about Judge.me or feedback about the onboarding process, please do not hesitate to contact our support at support@judge.me.


Our widgets & badges rely on Shopify metafields and liquid so they cannot work on any page outside of Shopify.