The Structured Data Testing Tool allows you to validate your code to make sure that structured data is understood by search engines when crawling you page

Instructions for testing this by yourself:

Step 1) Insert a Product URL of a product with reviews into the Structured Data Testing Tool from Google

Step 2) On the left side, you will see the code on your product page. On the right side, you will see the structured data that Google is able to understand when crawling your page.

Note: 'AggregateRating' should NOT be found on the right side ('Detected') as it should NOT be on the same level as 'Product' but a sub-category.

Step 3) On the right side ('Detected'), you should investigate 'Product' (click 'Product' to see all structured data about your product that Google has found)

Step 4) You should see two dropdowns for 'Product'. The top one is usually for microdata, the second one is about JSON-LD. If one of them shows a green 'Preview' button, it means that Google will prefer showing this information over the other alternative available. Check if 'aggregateRating' is listed inside the 'Product' drop-down and click 'Preview' to see how your product would appear in Google search.

Please let us know, if:

  • 'aggregateRating' is not listed inside the 'Product' that shows the 'Preview' button, or not shown inside any 'Product' drop-downs
  • There are more than two 'Product' drop-downs (this usually suggests that information from 'related products' is included, which we don't want)
  • The Google preview doesn't show 'Rating', e.g. 4.9 ★★★★★ (8)

Example Preview

Please note: If you have set up microdata and JSON-LD for 'Product' with the exact same information, the 'Preview' button will not show. However, this does not lower your chances to show rich snippets in Google Search.

If everything is set up correctly and/or the preview shows the rating, but in the actual Google search you cannot see your product reviews, please ask Google to reindex your site manually.

If reindexing doesn't help, please follow-up with us again and we will try to find a solution!