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The Google Shopping Product Reviews XML feed allows you to show your reviews inside Google Shopping search results.

Note: This article is about the XML product reviews feed for Google Shopping. For showing reviews in Google Search, please see our Rich Snippets feature.


To get your reviews accepted in Google Shopping, you need the following:

  • At least 50 product reviews
  • Pass the manual approval process by Google Shopping team
  • Consistency in IDs (so-called strong IDs) between product feed and product reviews feed

In short, getting your reviews in Google Shopping can take time and effort. Google Shopping aims for the more established stores who can follow strict guidelines.


  1. Create your product reviews XML feed in the Judge.me app admin
  2. Fill out the Product Ratings Interest Form
  3. Make sure that your product feed uses SKU (Shopify product admin) as id or both feed (product feed, product reviews feed) has valid GTINs

Recommended: Use GTIN as a strong identifier across your product feed and your product reviews feed. For this you will have to upload the GTIN in the barcode field in the Shopify products admin.


Please note: Product reviews for the exact same product submitted by other merchants may show for your products as well and vice versa.

Enable the Google Shopping Product Reviews XML Feed

In your Judge.me admin, go to: More > Settings > SEO > Google Product Review Feed and enable the Google Product Review Feed.

Additional settings

  • Shop level reviews: Sometimes a product reviews feed is not approved by Google because the review text is too general and is rather an evaluation of the shop instead of the actual product.
  • MPN identifier: This setting should be enabled if your product feed is also including MPNs in order to increase the chances of matching reviews with your products.

Typical setup in the Judge.me app admin:

Create a Google Merchant Center account

If you don't have a Google Merchant Center account yet, please sign up for a free account here.

Request "Product Reviews" feed

To submit your reviews feed in Google Merchant Center, you first need to make sure the "reviews" feed type is available to your shop.

Fill out the Product Rating Interest Form.

  • Specify Judge.me as you 3rd party aggregator service
  • Provide Google with the amount of 1- to 5-star ratings you have collected

You can find these collected reviews in the Judge.me app admin, go to: More > Settings > SEO > Google Product Review Feed > Review Feed Installation Info and click (show) below "Reviews per rating:" to see the amount of 1- to 5-star ratings collected so far.

Please note: Google wants all reviews available from us, including reviews marked as hidden. A feed with only 5-star ratings will likely not be approved by Google.

Ignore "pre-approved aggregator" feedback

After requesting the reviews feed, Google may reply with the feedback that Judge.me is not a pre-approved aggregator. While this is true (we are in the process of getting pre-approved), our lack of pre-approval has no impact on your ability to submit your Shopping XML feed.

Simply tell your Google Shopping representative that you will submit the feed directly in Google Merchant Center. The steps to do so are below.

Submit the Judge.me XML feed in Google Merchant Center

Once you are approved by Google, you will be able to see the Product reviews feed type in Google Merchant Center (see screenshot above). You can now submit the product reviews XML feed.

These are the options you need to select:

  • Mode: Standard
  • Feed type: Product Reviews
  • Feed name: anything you want
  • Upload method: Scheduled Fetches

Ensure Strong IDs across feeds

In order to link your product reviews to your product feed, Google will use

  • GTIN (recommended);
  • or a combination of vendor and SKU from Shopify (product reviews feed), respectively brand and MPN from (product feed)

As recommended in the official documentation, Judge.me uses SKU as the value of the ID in the product reviews feed (taken from the information you provide in the Shopify Products Admin).

For an app to create a product feed with SKU as ID (instead of a newly generated ID), we recommend:

Shopify's own Google Shopping app does not allow for SKU to be used as ID in the products feed, but instead creates new values.

Please note: If you are changing the product ID in your Product Feed inside your Google Merchant Center, you will lose the product's advertising history in Merchant Center and AdWords.

Please study Google's documentation for product ids for further details.


Please reach out to us if you have any questions: support@judge.me so we can help you out.

And of course, if your reviews are showing in Google Shopping, let us know so we can celebrate together!

Technical Notes

The Product Reviews XML feed + Inside a <review> element, the <is_spam> element will be set based on your current review publishing status. + All deleted reviews, will be collect inside the <deleted_reviews> element as a list of <review_id>


For BigCommerce, we will use SKU as Product IDs in the Google Product Reviews XML Feed, we will include MPN, GTIN and brand if available