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Google Shopping is a service that allows merchants to list their products by uploading a product feed in the Merchant Center.

Read more about Google Shopping on the Shopify Blog: What is Google Shopping and How Does it Work?

In order to show products on Google Shopping, product data has to be uploaded to Google Shopping via the Merchant Center in the form of a product feed (Primary feed).

We currently recommend two apps for creating the product feed:

For showing reviews together with your products in Google Shopping, it is important that the id field in the product feed matches your Shopify SKU.

Judge.me will automatically create the Google Product Review Feed for you, please go to: More > Settings > SEO > Google Product Review Feed and enable the settings.

Note: Google Shopping requires the ID fields in the Products Feed and Reviews Feed to be the same. Judge.me provides the review feed with SKU values, the recommended approach. (We take the SKU value from the SKU field in products admin)

Please submit the product reviews feed directly to Google. This can be done via your Google Merchant account.

The entire process is explained in our Article: Google Shopping (Google Product Reviews XML Feed)


Google cannot match product feed and review feed, even though SKU is used as ID in both

Example email from Google:

Solution: Add further information to your product review feed.

In your Shopify products admin (see screenshot above), you can go to Inventory > Barcode (ISBN, UPC, GTIN, etc.) to add the GTIN (Global Trade Item Numbers)

Judge.me will automatically add the information in the barcode field to the product review feed to help providing unique product identifiers

Google recommends including MPN identifiers in the product reviews feed

Solution: Add MPN as a row to your product review feed

In your Judge.me app admin, go to More > Settings > SEO > Google Product Review Feed and enable MPN identifier.

This will result in an additional row in your XML feed for MPN identifiers.

Please note: In Shopify, only SKU and barcode is available as information about your product. Therefore, Judge.me will use your products' SKU as
MPN identifier in the XML feed, thereby creating one additional, identical entry. In the Judge.me product reviews feed, MPN cannot be different from SKU.

Example XML product review feed (for product with variations)

Error message: "Strong IDs not present"

Solution: If possible, add a GTIN in the barcode field in Shopify products admin (see screenshot below). If your product's SKUs are also MPNs (usually it means you are the manufacturer), please enable MPN identifier setting and make sure to add your brand as the vendor.

GTIN, as well as MPN + Brand usually provide a unique product identifier (in Google terms)

Please note: In case both, GTIN and SKU/MPN are present in the product reviews feed, Google will prefer using GTIN.