*Note: This article is outdated. Please check the updated version on our new helpdesk at support.judge.me. We no longer maintain this so the info may not always be accurate.



How do I change my contact email for Judge.me?

We will use the account email as provided in your Shopify Admin as the email for contacting you. You can change the email here: Shopify Admin > Settings > General > Store Details > Account email

Make sure to edit account email, and not customer email.

What does (Out of store) mean?

We add the info "(Out of store)" to products that are no longer in store, for example, because they have been deleted. This is different to products being 'out of stock'.

You can change this setting by going to More > Settings > SEO > All Reviews page

Does Judge.me support Shopify theme XYZ?

Judge.me support every shop theme. In fact, a manual theme concierge is part of every onboarding. This means that we will make adjustments to make sure Judge.me looks perfect in your theme based on your preferences.

If you change your theme, you will automatically get an email in which you can request a new theme concierge.

How do I export my Judge.me review data in CSV format?

(This is not a frequently asked question actually) You can export the following review data:

If you are considering uninstalling Judge.me, please shoot us an email at support@judge.me with your feedback. We'd love to fix any issue you may have with our app and would hate to see you go!