Custom Forms are a perfect feature to ask questions that go beyond the typical rating and review. You will gain a better understanding of your customers and products

Use cases

You can ask for customer info (e.g. age, gender) either as an internal survey to know your customers more, or published in the widget to share with other customers. You can also ask for custom feedback on your business's service (e.g. delivery speed, ease of use).

To manage your shop's Custom Forms, please go here. To add a new Custom Form, please go here.

Custom Form settings

You can make custom form questions: + Mandatory: Select this to require customer to answer this question + Internal survey: Select this to hide customer answers from widget, so this question will be for internal survey + And adjust the position of the question


  • Custom Forms work in both, review widgets and review request emails.
  • You can have many Custom Forms at once but be cautious as long form may scare away your customer.
  • Each Custom Form has 2 fields (name and enable status) and can have multiple questions.
    • Name: internal name of the Custom Form for easier reference.
    • Enable status: whether or not questions of the Custom Form show inside review form. If disabled, review form doesn't show questions of the Custom Form, but review widgets still show the answers from the Custom Form.
  • If a question is marked as an internal survey, review form still shows that question, but review widgets don't show the answers to that question.
  • If a question is deleted, all answers from that question are deleted too.
  • One question can have many options. Options can be thought as a convenient way to prefill the form for customers. So deleting/editing an option doesn't affect any existing answer.
  • Changing the question type (for example, changing from radio button to scale) of an existing question will only work for questions that have no answer yet.
  • To change the question type of questions that have reviews already, please create a new identical question but select a different type and disable the previous question.