Coupons help you to collect more reviews by incentivizing your buyers to leave a review. The coupon code will be sent via email after the review is written.


  1. In your app admin, go to More > Settings > Rewards > Coupon Settings to enable coupons.
  2. Set your Reward Conditions.
  3. By default, can generate coupon codes for you. Alternatively, you can add an existing coupon code. Decide if you want to use static or dynamic coupons, read more about this topic in our help desk.
  4. Enter information for your coupon details. This will allow you to use {{ coupon_details }} as a variable in your automated emails.
  5. Set up your coupon email, this email will be sent to any reviewer who meets the coupon conditions.

We also recommend updating your review request email template (More > Settings > Review Request > Email Templates) in order to mention your coupon there (you can use the variable {{ coupon_details }} as well).

Please note: will not create coupon codes for you. The coupon feature of is not adding anything to your discount code section in your Shopify admin.

Reward Conditions allows you to reward your reviewers based on the conditions below. Make sure to inform your buyers/visitors about these conditions so that they are incentivized but also not disappointed if they don't receive a reward in case they don't meet the conditions.

Reviewer Conditions

  • Any reviewer (including web reviews)
  • Verified buyers (reviewers with order history in your store)
  • Buyers of that particular product
  • Received a review request from

Review Conditions

  • Any review
  • Any review with title and body text
  • Any review with at least one picture

Minimum rating

You can set the minimum rating (1 to 5 stars) for your reviewers to be eligible for a reward.