The All Reviews Text will show the total number of published reviews and their average rating. This widget adds another social proof component to your store to increase the conversion rate. The Verified Reviews Count Badge is a feature of our Forever Free plan with unlimited review request.

All Reviews Text examples

All Reviews Text Installation

This is a manual installation done by our Theme Concierge, so please wait for minutes or a few hours to see the actual change in your theme.

The All Reviews Text is manually installed by our Theme Concierge in the footer of your store after you enable the widget in your app admin: More > Settings > Installation > All Reviews Text Installation.

All Reviews Text Settings

You can adjust the All Reviews Text (by default: "Customers rate us {{ rating }}/5 based on {{ n }} reviews.") and add star icons to the All Reviews Text widget.

Manual Installation

You can use metafields that provides and that contain the number of reviews and the aggregate rating for your shop to showcase your reviews across your website (e.g. in your footer).

For considering all reviews:

  • shop.metafields.judgeme.all_reviews_rating
  • shop.metafields.judgeme.all_reviews_count

For considering only shop reviews:

  • shop.metafields.judgeme.shop_reviews_rating
  • shop.metafields.judgeme.shop_reviews_count

  • Basic usage: put this code in your theme:
<p>We score {{ shop.metafields.judgeme.all_reviews_rating | round: 1 }} out of 5 based on {{ shop.metafields.judgeme.all_reviews_count }} reviews.</p>

  • With star icons: Please put this code in your theme:
<span data-score='{{ shop.metafields.judgeme.all_reviews_rating }}' class='jdgm-all-reviews-rating'></span> Customers rate us {{ shop.metafields.judgeme.all_reviews_rating | round: 1 }}/5


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