Product not found

The error Product not found is shown when your input from the field Import to your Shopify product (required) cannot be matched with any of your Shopify products. We are applying fuzzy search for helping you find your products, this means you can type & search in this input field.

We show a green checkmark if we were able to match your input with one of your Shopify products.

Reset product information

A product might not be able to be found in the AliExpress Review Importer because we didn't receive its product information during your installation. In order to reset this, you can go to your Shopify Products admin and make the product unavailable and then available again (Manage > Sales Channels > Manage sales channels availability, where you can untick & save and afterward make the product available again)

"Valid AliExpress URLs must have URL"

Error message Valid AliExpress URLs must have URL Make sure you AliExpress URL is complete, e.g.