Displaying product reviews in Frequently-Bought Together
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Our PRO Frequently Bought Together feature combines product suggestions and reviews to boost your store's sales. It integrates with Judge.me, allowing you to enhance your product bundles with star ratings and review counts.

Here is how to enable the integration:

Step 1: Install PRO Frequently Bought Together and Judge.me

Step 2: Configure Judge.me API

  • In the Judge.me admin dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations > Developers > Judge.me API.

  • Copy the Public Token provided.

For new dashboard

From Judge.me admin, go to General Settings > Integrations > Developers > Judge.me API

Step 3: Customize Visual Preferences

  • Within the PRO Frequently Bought Together admin panel, select Visual preferences > Edit.

Step 4: Enable Judge.me Reviews

  • Activate the Judge.me review feature and paste the Public Token.

  • Save your settings.

Take a look at how your product bundles with review stars will appear in your store:

With this integration, you can provide your customers with valuable insights from reviews, ultimately driving sales and enhancing the shopping experience.

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