Joining us as a guest blogger
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Please keep in mind:

  • Guest blogging is only open to partners with technical integrations with

  • This limitation is due to our current marketing capacity.

If you'd like to write for, please take a look at these guidelines:

1. Steps to collaborate

Step 1: Choose a topic in collaboration with our team

  • We'll talk and agree on a topic that works for both of us.

  • It's important that the topic fits's content plan.

  • Usually, will guide on what to focus on.

Step 2: Formulate a detailed outline

  • Share a detailed outline of your chosen topic with

  • We may provide feedback if needed.

Step 3: Start Writing Your Article

  • Begin writing your article.

  • Submit the first draft to within two weeks.

Step 4: Review and publish

  • Our team will review your article and give you feedback.

  • You can make improvements based on the feedback.

  • We have strict standards, so make sure your article isn't too promotional.

  • Once your article meets our criteria, we'll publish and promote it.

2. General requirements

  • Keep it authentic and error-free.

  • Aim for 800 to 1000 words, or consider a series for broader topics.

  • Follow the common AP style for online publications.

  • Use a single backlink to your company's homepage or a relevant blog post. If needed, include extra links for context, like sources, statistics, or explanations of complex terms.

3. Crafting your writing style

  • Connect with your reader using "you" language.

  • Focus on the reader's benefit, not your perspective.

  • Use active voice, not passive.

  • Organize your content into clear sections and paragraphs.

  • Write short and clear sentences.

  • Avoid industry jargon, explain acronyms when necessary.

  • Proofread your article before submitting, use tools like Grammarly or HemingwayApp.

4. Visual elements

  • Share your article using a Google document.

  • Include at least two relevant images.

  • Create the following visuals:

    • Thumbnail image (500 x 250px).

    • Top banner (3760 x 2000px).

5. Claiming authorship

  • You'll be recognized as the author of your guest blog article.

  • To make the article better, please share a short bio and a picture for your profile.

6. Compensation and recognition

  • While we don't provide direct payment for guest blogging, the exposure is invaluable.

  • Your guest blog post will feature on our blog, reaching a broader audience through social media and newsletters.

Important Reminders:

  • may reject articles needing extensive edits or failing to meet our quality standards.

  • Your submission reflects your expertise, so following our guidelines ensures a smooth publication process.

If you need help joining us as a guest blogger, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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