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Creating a Reviews Page (Stencil theme)
Updated over a week ago

A Reviews page is a page that contains both reviews for your products and reviews for your store. These pages are usually called Reviews page, Happy Customers page, and many other variations.

To create your own Reviews page in a Stencil theme in BigCommerce:

  • From your BigCommerce admin, go to Storefront > Web Pages.

  • Click Create a Web Page.

  • In This Page Will, select Contain content created using the WYSIWYG editor below.

  • Give the page a title (e.g. "Happy Customers").

  • Open the HTML editor and add the following code:

<div class="jdgm-widget jdgm-all-reviews-widget"> 
<div class="jdgm-all-reviews__body">&nbsp;</div>
  • Click Save & Exit.

If you need help creating a Reviews Page, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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