Static Coupon vs Dynamic Coupons |

Static Coupon vs Dynamic Coupons supports 2 types of coupons to incentivize your reviewers:

  • Static Coupon: only 1 Static Coupon can be set at a time and it can be sent to many reviewers. Static Coupon is required when you enable coupon feature, even when you already have uploaded Dynamic Coupons.

  • Dynamic Coupons: you can upload as many Dynamic Coupons as you want (more instructions here). When sends a Dynamic Coupon to a reviewer, it will be consumed and no longer available. Therefore, different reviewers will receive different Dynamic Coupons, except for 2 cases:

    • When you create multiple Dynamic Coupons with the same codes.
    • When you have no more Dynamic Coupon available, will use the Static Coupon, to ensure that reviewers will always receive a coupon.