Reward app integration |

Reward app integration

Instead of coupons, can integrate with a reward app to have even more ways to incentivize your reviewers. currently integrates with:

  • Swell
  • Beans
  • Loyalty Lion
  • (work in progress, to be released in March 2018) will stop sending coupons via email and instead notify the review app to send rewards to your reviews. Review request emails and reminders emails will be send as normal.

Set up for Swell

  • Create a Swell custom campaign with Action Name judgeme_review
  • Enter Swell Merchant ID (from Swell Settings)
  • Enter Swell API Key (from Swell Settings)
  • Note: Only available in Swell Gold plan or above.

Set up for Beans

  • Please first enable Review Rule on Beans rules page.
  • Receive API key (inside app admin) - please migrate to Beans version 2 if you cannot get the API key
  • Note: Only available in Beans Advanced plan or above.

Set up for LoyaltyLion

  • Please first create a Loyalty Lion custom rule with Identifier is judgeme_review .
  • From Manage > Configuration > Settings > Token and secret, please give us: Token & Secret
  • Note: You need to pay Any on-site activity package to use this feature.