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Review Requests

A customer will review each product only once. This means that a customer will not receive a review request for the same item if he has written a review already. However, if the product hasn't been reviewed, a new review request will be sent for the same product of the new order. will send the review request based on fulfillment, not order. The review request will be send once the order is completely fulfilled (so partial fulfillment is not considered.)

Note: If a product is purchased multiple times within an order, only one review request is sent to review the product (Please review your purchase of {{ order_quantity }} x {{ product_title }}).


Gmail will clip content and if the HTML file size over 102 Kb. For that, Gmail sums up emails with the same subject lines (conversations). If the email is part of a longer email conversation (e.g. because several test emails have been sent) parts of the email might be clipped.