Google Shopping (Google Product Reviews XML Feed)  |

Google Shopping (Google Product Reviews XML Feed)

The Google Shopping XML Feed allows you to show your reviews inside Google Shopping search results.

Note: This XML feed is for Google Shopping. For showing reviews in Google Search, please see our Rich Snippets feature.

Google Shopping Requirements

To get your reviews accepted in Google Shopping, you need the following:

  • At least 50 published reviews
  • Consistency in IDs (so called strong IDs) between product and reviews feed
  • Pass the manual approval process by Google Shopping team

In short, getting your reviews in Google Shopping can take time and effort. Google Shopping aims for the more established stores who can follow strict guidelines. in Google Shopping Example

From Recoup Fitness:

Enable the Google Shopping XML feed

To enable your Google Product Reviews, please go to your app settings under SEO > Google Product Reviews feed and switch the feed generation from will not to will:

Then click on Save Settings. Now that the feed is enabled, the settings box will update to include more instructions, which we'll cover in this article:

Create a Google Merchant Center account

If you don't have a Google Merchant Center account yet, please sign up for a free account here.

Request "Reviews" feed type in Google Merchant Center

To submit your reviews feed in Google Merchant Center, you first need to make sure the "reviews" feed type is available to your shop.

The best way to check is to start adding the reviews feed until we get stuck, as follows:

First, log in to your Google Merchant Center account and click on Manage Product Feeds:

Then, click on the + button to add a new feed:

In the new feed form, check if Product Reviews is available as a feed type:

Most likely Product Reviews can not be selected as feed type, so you need to apply to unlock it.

You can do so by filling in the Product Rating Interest Form which looks like this:

Filling in this form is easy, but you need to note two things.

First, you need to mention as an aggregator of your reviews as follows:

Second, you will need some statistics about your reviews. provides those in the app settings, if you click (Click here for review count numbers you need to provide):

This info then needs to be filled in at the bottom of the form:

Of course, you submit the form by clicking Submit.

Ignore "pre-approved aggregator" feedback

After requesting the reviews feed, Google may reply with the feedback that is not a pre-approved aggregator. While this is true (we are in the process of getting pre-approved), our lack of pre-approval has no impact on your ability to submit your Shopping XML feed.

Simply tell your Google Shopping rep that you will submit the feed directly in Google Merchant Center. The steps to do so are below.

Submit the XML feed in Google Merchant Center

Once you have unlocked the Product Reviews feed type in Google Merchant Center, you can submit the review feed. These are the options you need to select:

  • Mode: Standard
  • Feed type: Product Reviews
  • Feed name: anything you want
  • Upload method: Scheduled Fetches

Ensure Strong IDs across feeds

After submitting your product reviews feed, the most common way to get stuck is that Google Shopping will complain about lack of Strong IDs. What they mean by this is that the IDs across your feeds (products + reviews) need to match.

As recommended in the official documentation, uses SKU as the value of the ID in the reviews feed. We therefore recommend you do the same in your products feed.

For an app to create a products feed with SKU as ID and not something else, we recommend the Shopping Feeder app, as Shopify's own Google Shopping app does not allow for SKU to be used as ID in the products feed.


If you followed this process and received feedback that is mentioned above, please contact support at so we can help you out.

And of course, if your reviews are showing in Google Shopping, let us know so we can celebrate together!