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All Reviews Page

This article will guide you through the process of creating an 'All Reviews page'. The creation process will require adding a new page to your Shopify store. An 'All Reviews page' will show all your shop's product reviews on one page. Additionally, it will help your SEO efforts by likely showing up when your shop's name is searched together with the search term 'reviews'.

All Reviews page examples

From Waiter Wallet (Leex theme):

All Reviews page installation steps

  1. Activate 'All Reviews page': Go to: Settings > SEO > All Reviews Page
  2. Go to 'Online Store' > Pages to create a new page for all reviews
  3. Go to Create page to create a new page for all reviews.
  4. Type 'Reviews' in the title field.
  5. (Optional) Type a relevant text about your reviews in the content box to improve SEO, otherwise, the text of one of your product reviews will show in Google organic search
  6. Important: In Template section (right hand side), select page.judgeme_all_reviews
  7. Click Save, you can now go to "/pages/reviews" and see your reviews there


We can help you with the installation process but we will need a staff account with access to your theme and pages. This is because Shopify only allows us to work on the current live theme but we cannot add more templates or pages on your behalf.

Custom your All reviews page URL:

If you want a custom URL to forward to your All Reviews page, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to 'Sales Channels' > 'Online Store' > Navigation > URL Redirects (below the page header)
  2. The popup modal 'Add URL redirect' shows
  3. Type /reviews in 'Old path' field (this is the URL we will redirect FROM).
  4. Type /pages/reviews in 'Redirect to' field (this is the URL we will redirect TO).
  5. Click Add URL redirect button to save your URL redirect.

Your customers now can go to the pretty '/reviews' and will get redirected to your All Reviews page ('/pages/reviews')