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Aftership Integration

Using our Aftership integration, can send the review request emails after order delivery rather than order fulfillment. Here is how the integration works:
  1. After sending an order, you receive the tracking number of your courier service
  2. You store this tracking number in your Shopify Order Admin while you are fulfilling the order
  3. instantly knows about this tracking number via Shopify, and stores the tracking number
  4. creates a tracking record at Aftership so we can track order delivery
  5. instantly updates the dashboard for this order, with status now Waiting for delivery instead of Will send
  6. checks for order delivery every 12 hours via the Aftership tracking record
  7. Once the order is delivered, the dashboard status for the order goes from Waiting for delivery to Will send
  8. We apply the wait days you set in Review Request > Timing and Format to calculate how long to wait for sending the review request
  9. We send the actual review request at the right time :)
Note: If you don't store a tracking number (step 2) while you are fulfilling the order, or we can't find an order with said tracking number in Aftership, then the request email will still go out the normal number of days after order fulfillment.
Note: By creating a tracking record at Aftership (step 4 above), your buyer will receive an email from Aftership with a link to a web version of the tracking record.
Note: By disabling the Aftership integration you will have to send all current not scheduled review requests manually. That means all orders prior to the disabling of the integration with status Waiting for delivery will have to be sent manually.

Disabling Aftership integration can happen in two cases: one you uninstall Aftership, two you cancel the integration from Settings.

Aftership status will be updated once every 12 hours so any update will not happen immediately. Therefore Aftership may state `delivered`, but states `waiting for delivery`

The phone number from the Shopify default address (and not from the shipping address) is passed on to Aftership (for SMS notifications).


Review Request for Order tracked with Aftership is not send based on delivery

Both information, Tracking number and Carrier, have to be included in the order when the order is fulfilled. We do not support Fulfillment Update as it required additional store permissions. If this information is not available for the initial fulfillment, the review request for the order will be send based on the default request timing and not based on Aftership's delivery status.